THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BIOCHAR: how to make it, how to use it, and why it's important

Part 1: In this video, restoration ecologist Paul Morris talks about the start to finish of making biochar in the most efficient ways, how to use it in your soil, and why it's important for soil health, plant health, and climate change.

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0:00 Introduction to Biochar
4:13 Making biochar - Contiki and Barrel methods compared
7:15 Analysis of TULD method of making biochar
10:00 Quenching and charging the char with urine
16:00 Crushing the char and charging the biochar
20:00 Superbrew
24:00 Finished biochar
27:00 How to use biochar in the nursery
28:00 No-till garden method using biochar

Quick Guide to Making Biochar:

  1. Add brush to oil barrel and light
  2. Add layers of brush as lower layers burn down, but before ash forms
  3. On last few layers, use smaller brush to ensure an even burn
  4. Fill barrel with water to halt the burning process
  5. Add urine to charge the char with nitrogen and leave overnight
  6. Drain any water that has not been absorbed and spread the char out in an even layer
  7. Crush down any larger pieces using a carpet roller or something of the sort
  8. Turn in manure, soil and leaf compost (or whatever is available)
  9. Pour on diluted Super Brew mixture (Super Powerful Brew video)
  10. Cover with a tarp and let sit for 3 months to break down and infuse into biochar.
  11. Bag up and use!