WHY BUILD IN MONGOLIA | Greenhouse Cost, Material & Design

How much does it cost? Is it worth it? Why Build in Mongolia? These are some of the questions we finally talk about in this episode after building our Passive Solar Greenhouse with Geothermal ground to air transfer system in Mongolia over the last 1 year. This is the first Passive Solar Greenhouse built in Mongolia that has also incorporated a full GAHT System Geothermal greenhouse. In this episode we speed up time and add parts of this build that we will remember forever.
This is all part of the adventure and joinery to an off-grid homestead in the land of the blue sky.

Simple Wild Living
We are a couple that got together in Sweden, Ash is a guy from South Africa and Zulaa is a girl from Mongolia. We invite you to join our family’s incredible journey building our new life in Mongolia. We created our youtube channel Simple Wild Living to be Filled with off-Grid and homestead Food recipes and cooking idea’s, travel, people, diy projects and building our home. We want our living and building to be for a more sustainable life.