The Self Watering garden: How to Create a Passive Rainwater System with Dr Cally Brennan

Did you know that water harvesting is a prevention method for both floods and drought?

Using the free power of gravity along with vegetation, Passive water harvesting is creating a living sponge to capture store and use rainwater to build a resilient, vibrant garden for both wet and dry weather.

Dr Cally Brennan, founder of Canberra Permaculture Design and Education, has practised permaculture and water harvesting for over 10 years.
In this short film, Cally will give you a toolbox of skills from preparation to storage and how to easily (and sustainably) water your garden.

00:00 Intro

1:05 Capture & Drainage

1:45 French Drains

2:40 Swale System

5:02 Tools

8:23 Trench System

8:58 Wicking Beds

9:42 Thank You