How He Turned Desert Sand Into Fertile Farm Land In 3 Months!

John Graham is a specialist in desert farming who has taught hundreds of farmers how to run profitable organic farms. He has 30 years experience creating farms out of arid sand in Mexico's desert region of Baja California, successfully transforming sand into fertile soil to cultivate a large variety of vegetables. He worked for many years as an organic farm inspector and co-founded Baja's organic market that's been running for two decades.

John's home garden is a highly abundant paradise of fruits and vegetables and although he has been in a wheelchair for 25 years after a road accident, he has constructed a system of ramps and paths all around his property so he can access his incredible garden.

John is currently helping a local co-operative of farmers on a new farm producing organic food for the local market, restaurants and a delivery service. @LeafofLifeWorld met up with John to find out about the techniques he uses to transform desert sand into fertile soil, as well the different methods he uses instead of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.