Experimenting with Electroculture in the Pixie Potager: an electrifying forgotten science revived!

In our adventure with the rewilding of the Pixies we have wandered down some very interesting paths of discovery and our experiment with the topic of Electroculture in the Pixies Potager has been at the top of that fascinating list.

Nikola Tesla famously said that to discover the secrets of the universe, one must think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration…
So, when we happened upon the concept of Electroculture it immediately intrigued us.
We set about investigating the veracity of its claims and attempting to create our own garden experiments using single strand solid copper wire fashioned into antennas, vortexed tepees and open-ended copper collars.
We eagerly observed our garden “laboratory” tending to our plants carefully, and attempting to identify if there was anything to this theory that the harnessing of atmospheric energy will have positive effects on a plant's growth and production.
It turns out that our plants were delighted with our energetic little project, and we were happily surprised by our quantifiable results!

I suspect that Nikola Tesla was correct and that what we don’t yet know, regarding the mysteries of our universe, far outweighs what we do know.
I also suspect that much of what we think we know doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what is possible in our world!