Electroculture gardening, antennas, and the untold history of copper

Matt Roeske joins this Alfacast episode to share his experience within the growing Electrocultural movement within the conscious farming community, and, of course, right here at the Alfa Vedic farm.

Similar to many in the health & wellness industry, Matt's journey began with the intention to improve his own health.

"I could no longer tolerate being sick so often. Feeling tired, bloated, and anxious was holding me back from enjoying a fulfilling life of adventure."

Matt will give us the ins & outs of everything electroculture, and Dr. Lando will also share imagery & insights to his success producing medicinal herbs through Ionization Soil Analysis, Biogeometry & Electroculture.

Show links:

7:45 Barre’s electrocultue trials
9:40 How did Matt get in electroculture - Crop circles
13:10 viktor schauberger and how electroculture stopped
14:00 Matt’s Electroculture Moringa tree
18:15 *Copper to deter slugs
24:30 Old world buildings and lightning rods
27:00 Accidents, Energy lines, and Dowsing
34:00 Root system and lack of energy
38:30 Basalt clay and Bat sounds
46:30 Barre explaining toroidal fields
50:00 Electroculture antenna designs
53:00 Chicken Coops and Windmills - Atmospheric energy
1:03:30 Mitch the Orgone donor and orgonite
1:11:00 Dragons blood, Pearl, and Shilajit

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