DIY Tissue Culture: How to Get Started for Less Than $200

Where I buy tissue culture supplies:

Supplies List Below!

• Scale (0.01g accuracy):
• pH Meter (0.01 pH accuracy):
• pH Up & Down:
• Spray Bottle:
• Plastic Gloves:
• Forceps:
• Scissors:
• Sterile Petri Dishes:
• mL Droppers:
• Agar:
• Murashige & Skoog:
• Kinetin:
• Polypropylene Containers:
• Light Meter:
• Plant Preservative Mixture (PPM): (DISCLAIMER: PPM is a biocide, so it can harm anything biological - including you and the environment. Although it may help reduce contamination, use with caution. Always dispose of expired chemicals correctly at a hazardous waste drop off and never pour them down the drain, as these chemicals can pose a major threat to our water systems and aquatic organisms.)

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Protocol for video:

(I am aware that Philodendron Mamei is not technically a "self heading philodendron", but this protocol has worked well for me before for other similar philos!)

• 1:31 Building a still air box
• 3:18 Tissue culture supplies
• 4:45 What is a tissue culture protocol?
• 5:03 Where to find tissue culture protocols
• 5:44 What is tissue culture media?
• 8:55 How to read a tissue culture protocol
• 11:00 Making tissue culture media
• 13:52 Sterilizing the media
• 17:19 Prepping the still air box
• 18:30 Preparing the explants (tissue samples)
• 19:39 Putting the explant into tissue culture
• 25:30 Conditions for growth
• 26:19 When to subculture

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